In case you don’t know yet; all online casinos operate with call centres. However, these call centres only have customer support employees and sometimes a retention department. They will never make unsolicited phone calls to people who have never played at their casino before. Unless someone took over the phone number of a former player, but that’s an exceptional situation. Casinos have instead found another way to generate leads, by making use of the internet. Something a lot of industries can still learn from.

Lead generation for casinos

When an online casino wants to attract new players, the first thing it does is generate a new promotion. This can be anything along the lines of a bonus of 100% up to €500 or 25 freespins. Or a combination of both. If a casino wants to make it really interesting, it offers a no deposit bonus. This often consists of €10 play money or 10 freespins that the player gets just for registering at de beste freespins casinos 2020. It’s a way for the player to get familiar with the casino and the games it offers, without having to risk any money. So it’s obvious that players are usually very happy with this treat.

Casino portals

But there’s only one problem with that; a casino can offer the best bonus in the world, but it will be worthless if nobody knows about its existence. Instead of bothering people at home with these phone calls everybody hates, casinos have found another way to promote their offers. Through casino portals. These are, often independent, websites that offer all kinds of information about playing in online casinos. You’ll learn what kind of games you can play, which are the best game developers and the best casino and which are the best promotions. Interested players check these sites regularly for the latest news and the best bonuses. This is the best and most effective lead generation method for online casinos. Players come to the casinos In a way you could say that instead of looking for players, casinos let players come to them. But don’t be fooled. As easy as it seems, it is definitely not cheap to get players from casino portals. Casinos often pay percentages of 30 to 50% of the revenue per customer and sometimes even during the entire customer lifetime. If you consider that a percentage of 50 already means that the casino is giving away half its profit, you’ll understand that this is not ideal either.

Casinos buying portals

Considering this fact, it’s not strange that many casinos start their own online portals. But as this takes a lot of effort, especially in the online casino industry where the competition is quite heavy, they often opt for buying a big affiliate. By now, most of the big casino portals are in the hands of a casino, but still operate entirely independent. This means that they still advertise other casinos if these have nice bonuses as well.

Not only casino lead generation online

But casinos still take other tasks online, that used to belong to call centres. The customer support is more and more often being done through live chat instead of by phone. This has benefits for the players and for the casinos. Could it be that this would be a new trend for other industries as well?