Report Unnecessary Calls From Online Casinos

Receiving fake calls from online casinos can be incredibly annoying. Out of nowhere, you received a call from an unknown number and telling you about the casino game campaign, new online slot machines, and even about the new online casino brand, and you are urged to sign up for the casino. It has become such a nuisance that the German government has jumped in to provide policy solutions for this problem.

Why Does An Online Casino call Me?

With the prevalence of online casinos increasing, there have been diverse forms of advertisements popularising the gaming platform.  Telemarketing is one such way of online casinos trying to reach their target audience. It is important to know the kind of calls you may get from a telemarketer for an online casino. Here are some ways they may approach you:

Scenario 1: It was just an ordinary day. Kieth was working at the office and at lunchtime, He got a call from a random number. The person was a telemarketer offering new casino bonus information, casino game campaign, new online slot machines, and a new brand of online casino. The telemarketer was pushing a lot to him to sign up for the new brand casino.  He hang-up the call and soon received an email from a random person about the promotion of online casinos and casino games such as blackjack and baccarat campaigns.

Scenario 2: Lara is casually enjoying her Sunday in the gorgeous city of Berlin, with not much to do. As she is scrolling through her phone, she gets a call from a random number. The person on the other end of a phone is a telemarketer who is tasked with advertising an online casino.  During the call, Lara hears all about the new online casino, their amazing new campaign at the baccarat tables, new casino bonuses, new online slot machines, as well as new online casino brands for around 30mins.

The telemarketer goes on about how Lara is the perfect player for their game. Lara gets increasingly convinced by the sales pitch and decides to sign up with the online casino service. Little does she know that they are a fraudulent company trying to lure her into playing casino games on their platform and spend money at casino games.

This is where the new rules passed by the German government help out as many people receiving a random call about online casino, new slot machine information, casino bonus information, and even urge to sign up new online casino brands.

Citizens can now report these fraud calls on an online database. Once you report the number, the German authorities record and trace the number to a specific telemarketing firm or company before blocking it from making any further calls.

The Bundestag has decided to impose a hefty fine of 50,000 Euros on all telemarketing companies indulging in fraud or harassment. This is a big win for citizens in Germany. With stricter laws in place against annoying telemarketing calls, people can now end their experiences with unwanted calls for the last time.